Reduced flow in Hjartdøla and Heddøla rivers will reduce the ground water level closest to the rivers. The changes will be most obvious in the area where the ground water level increased following the establishment of Hjartdøla Power Plant and the occurrence of ‘water-sick soil’.
During the construction phase, it is inevitable that the municipal waterworks and a few private wells will be temporarily affected. Necessary measures will be implemented to secure the water supply.

Recipient conditions downstream of the municipal treatment plant’s outlet will change after Sauland Power Plant is built. The water quality and recipient conditions are expected to remain good/satisfactory following the potential construction of Sauland Power Plant. It is unlikely that the development of Sauland Power Plant will affect the potential for utilising geothermal energy.

Area of impactDegree of impact
Erosion and sedimentationLow negative
Local climateInsignificant
Sea smokeMedium positive
Hydrogeology and water supplyLow negative
Geothermal energyInsignificant
Pollution and water qualityLow negative

The environmental impact assessments were carried out by Norconsult, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.