Skagerak Kraft has been permitted to manage Norwegian natural resources, often in small local communities that are dependent on both the jobs and the income our activities generate. Our production is therefore subject to stringent official regulation to ensure a positive impact on local communities. The requirements are evolving, and Skagerak Kraft wishes to be at the forefront of changes that could have a bearing on the company and our stakeholders.

Environmental management and ISO 14001

Skagerak Kraft AS is certified under the environmental management standard ISO 14001.
For us, this means that we are required to keep an overview of those of our activities that have an ecological footprint, and that we continuously improve our environmental performance. This requires a documentation and control system for factors that impact the natural environment around us.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised environmental management standard that contains detailed requirements on how an environmental management system should be structured. Environmental management can be seen as a continuous cycle of planning, implementation, control and improvement with a view to constantly improving the business’s environmental performance.

Environmental management and expertise

ISO certification makes requirements of employees’ environmental expertise. All employees take a course in environmental management and receive routine training relating to governing environmental management documents. Annual action plans are also developed that include measures that help us to improve our environmental performance. Skagerak Kraft follows up the external environment through special environmental programmes and plans in connection with all major maintenance, rehabilitation and/or development projects.