It is important to Skagerak Kraft to manage water resources in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way. Our goal is to be a reliable and responsible producer of electrical power, and all our power facilities are certified according to the globally recognised environmental standard ISO 14001.

Eco-friendly power production

Environmental work with follow-up of licencing requirements and self-imposed requirements are a natural part of our daily work.

Our goal is to ensure eco-friendly production of renewable power, while also showing responsible business conduct and consideration towards the local community and users of the natural environments in which our facilities are located. Our regulation activities have led to a major reduction in flood risk, as well as a more even water flow throughout the year, which is positive both for the economy and public security.

The ISO 14001 environmental standard

Environmental certification according to environmental standard ISO 14001 and maintenance of the ISO certificate will exemplify our responsibility for the environment and are an important part of our development and strategy.

Through our ISO 14001 certification, we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance throughout the company. This means that we:

  • Chart out how our activities affect the environment around us
  • Continually document improvements through defined action plans

These processes ensure that Skagerak Kraft nurtures a culture where environmental responsibility and consideration are integral in the way we work.