In today's complex and technological society, global environmental and climate goals require us to strike a balance between economic, social and environmental choices in order to keep society at large running smoothly. The dramatic climate change we are now facing challenges and inspires us to take new perspectives on hydropower. It is not only about new developments, but also about utilising our resources in a climate-friendly way.

Green and renewable hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power is by far the most important renewable energy source in Norway. Nature has given us mountains in which to collect water and valleys in which to develop power stations.
The utilisation of water resources has been an important factor in the development of the Norwegian welfare state. Skagerak Kraft has played a role in this.

Renewable, but not without an environmental impact

The environmental challenges society now face are a result of human activity and the choices we make each and every day. Norway’s watercourses are under great pressure from many activities. Aside from hydroelectric power production, activities such as industry, agriculture, forestry, municipal activities and leisure activities all have an impact on our watercourses. It is important that everyone takes responsibility.