Sauland Power Plant has been assessed as having a high negative impact on Skogsåa river and the side streams Vesleåa/Kjempa and Skorva. The assessments are related to findings of the red-listed species alder silk moss, drooping woodreed, wolf’s bane, as well as red-listed fungus species and endangered habitat types. The impact on vegetation along the Hjartdøla river is assessed as medium negative.

The assessments in the report Fagrapport Flora are based partly on claims of an expected change in the local climate, which have not been supported by the report Fagrapport Lokalklima. The Fagrapport Flora report warns of negative impact on habitat types such as pollarded or coppiced deciduous woodlands and diverse temperate deciduous forest. The developer therefore believes the assessed degree of impact on the vegetation in certain places to be too high.