Greenfact had a talk to Geir Kildal from Skagerak Kraft AS about being the first in Norway to do a GO deal, environmental accounting and the future of renewable energy.


Geir Kildal

Kildal is Head of Origination and Trading Renewables at Skagerak Kraft, owned by Skagerak Energi, and is the pioneer of guarantee of origin trades in Norway. “We did the very first trade in 2001, together with Statkraft. Fjordkraft wanted the GO, so we did it. In fact, we have been first on several green initiatives.”

“We have made ourselves accountable to strict, environmental standards, such as being ISO 14001 certified. I believe we are the only hydro power plant in Europe with this certification”.

According to Skagerak Energi’s website, the environmental certification, issued by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), commits the company to manage the natural resource in a sustainable, secure and responsible way. “We have to map out all of our environmental endeavors to uphold the certificate, which is also key to learning among our employees.”

Skagerag Energi is using ‘environmental accounting’, where all activities are listed. “We buy GOs for all of our own consumption, buy CO2 allowances when we fly… But we can always improve, and the environmental accounting is helping us do that. Both the certification and the accounting is a competitive advantage in line with our ‘green’ profile.”

Future of Renewable Energy

Greenfact: “There is a discussion on ‘full disclosure’ in Europe. What do you think about this?”

Kildal: “I think this could be a positive measure. This way EU will see, black on white, what energy is being used, and who uses what.”

GF: “Will this help push for more renewable energy faster?”

Kildal: “Europe isn’t phasing out the dirty energy as fast as we are getting more renewable energy. It will be a parallel period where we will have a surplus leading to a baseload. Sometimes we will have a massive surplus, and other times we will lack energy. This is where Norwegian hydro power has such a massive advantage.”

GF: “Please explain.”

Kildal: “Reserve and flexibilty Markets is the future of the energy market; power with quality and production when you need it. Norwegian hydro power has a huge advantage as it can be regulated, basically turned on and off, within 10 minutes.”

GF: “What is the future of Skagerak Kraft?”

Kildal: “We are focusing on future renewable products and have recently created an expert group to further develop this. GOs are a major priority, but we are also looking into tailored products, both for small and big customers, we are researching other channels where we can contribute with energy… The future is exciting, and we have projects in the pipeline that will be of great value.”