Global environmental and climate goals require us to find a balance between the economic, social and environmental choices that must be made to run our complex and technological society, where the focus is on climate change and the need for renewable energy.

Power production has an environmental impact

The challenge of climate change is inspiring us to look at hydropower with new eyes. This does not simply entail expanding capacity, but also utilising our resources in the most sustainable way possible.

Society’s environmental challenges are a result of people’s activities and the choices we make every day. All power production has an environmental impact. The effects of hydropower production are mainly local, related to physical interventions in the natural environment and the impact on biodiversity through changes in water flow and water temperature.

Skagerak Kraft at all times complies with the conditions set out in statutory approvals, using knowledge-based assessments and the principle of best practice.

ISO 14001 certified

We take environmental responsibility and work continuously to minimise the environmental impact of our activities. We aim to be a safe and responsible producer of electric power, and our power plants are certified in accordance with the recognised environmental standard ISO 14001.