In older development projects, nature and the environment were not emphasised as they are today. Accordingly, the authorities will, in the coming years, revise environmental conditions for existing facilities to ensure a uniform management of hydropower resources.
The main objective of revising older licence conditions is to assess measures to improve conditions for the environment, landscape and outdoor recreation in previously regulated watercourses.

The revision process primarily provides opportunities to set new conditions to remedy environmental damage occurring as a result of the regulations. However, revisions may also modernise the conditions in general, and irrelevant conditions may be deleted. The framework for the licence itself, including regulated water levels, is fixed and cannot be changed. Only the conditions of the licence can be revised.

Skagerak Kraft expects that the revision process will result in additional environmental surveys in watercourses where we have power production, as well as possible requirements for the implementation of new measures. We have therefore focused on systematic efforts to assess, document and communicate the most appropriate measures with respect to environmental, commercial and socio-economic considerations.

Skagerak Kraft - overview of licensing cases we are involved in:
Licensing cases (see link for details - norwegian only)County
Skagerak Kraft is responsible for the following licensing cases
Regulation of Hjartdøla, Tuddal watercourse and HeiåiVestfold Telemark
Regulation of Sundsbarm with associated transfersVestfold Telemark
Regulation of the Uvdal watercourseViken
Regulation of Gjuva, Vrenga and Høymyrselv on BlefjellViken
Skagerak Kraft is involved in the following licensing cases
Regulation of the Aurdal fjord in BegnaInnlandet
Regulation of the Åbjøra watercourse in ValdresInnladet
Regulation of Hovatn, Fistøylvatn and Raudvatn in FinndølaAgder
Regulation of the Otra watercourseAgder