The Folgefonn development comprises Jukla and Mauranger power plants. It uses the hydraulic head from the regulation reservoir in Juklavatn, which is fed by water from Dravladalsvatn, Jukladalsvatn and Kvanngrøvvatn lakes as well as several stream inlets. The catchment area is the area north and north-west of Folgefonna glacier in the municipalities of Kvinnherad, Jondal and Ullensvang. Statkraft is the main regulator of the watercourse, and Skagerak Kraft owns 14.94 per cent of the power production.

Jukla Power Plant is a combined power plant and pumping station, enabling it to use different head levels. In summer, water is pumped up to the uppermost reservoir Juklavatn. In winter, power is produced when the energy needs are greatest. Water from Jukla Power Plant is reused in Mauranger Power Plant.

Power production started up in 1974 and was originally developed to supply power to the local aluminium industry.

*The figures refer to plants where Skagerak Kraft holds an ownership interest.