The guarantee of origin scheme is a voluntary labelling scheme for electricity that allows consumers to choose between renewable and non-renewable power. The scheme was introduced with the first EU Renewable Energy Directive in 2001. All of Skagerak’s power plants have been approved for a guarantee of origin, and one guarantee of origin is issued to us for every MWh we produce. Skagerak Kraft holds environmental certification in accordance with ISO standard 14001, and 28 of our power stations are covered by this certification.

Electricity tracking

Every year, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) publishes a national product declaration for electricity, which is corrected for trade in guarantees of origin, and this is how we track electricity. If you do not buy electricity with guarantees of origin, this product declaration will apply, but if you buy guarantees of origin corresponding to your power consumption, these guarantees will apply as your product declaration.