Kragerø watercourse, also known as Toke watercourse or Drangedal watercourse, comprises Toke lake with pertaining tributaries. The watercourse system runs into the sea in Kragerø. Its catchment area is just over 1,200 square kilometres and lies mainly in Drangedal municipality, Telemark county. One of the main tributaries is Gautefallelva river, which is supplied by Gautefallheia. Another tributary is Suvdøla, which comes from Nissedalsheia.

Skagerak Kraft has five power plants between Toke and the sea in Kragerø. Skagerak Kraft traps and collects all emigrating eel at Dalsfos, which is the uppermost power plant , and takes them down to the sea where they are released. In the same way, elvers migrating upstream are caught at Kammerfos Power Plant furthest down the watercourse and brought up to the reservoir at Toke.

In 1774, permission was granted to use the river down to Sannidal and Kragerø for timber floating. Timber was pulled across Toke lake and floated down the Kragerø watercourse for the last time in 1972.

*The figures refer to plants where Skagerak Kraft holds an ownership interest.