Power plant in Bagn town centre

Bagn Power Station is in an easily visible location from the E16 road where it turns east of Bagn town centre. The run-of-the-river power plant utilises a waterfall of approx. 89 metres between the Aurdalfjord and Bagn. The water is conveyed through a 3.5 kilometre long tunnel from the intake by the dam at the south end of the fjord. For the final stretch, the water is channelled through a cast-in pressure pipe that branches out to the two turbines. The power plant was completed in 1963 and has been a stable and reliable facility from the very start. An interesting detail about the station is that the two Francis turbines have different runner blades. The idea was to give one of the generators a better conversion efficiency at low load. The different runner blades give the generators an output of around 36 MW and 39 MW.

In 2014, the power plant was significantly upgraded with partially new turbines and generators as well as other equipment.

Bagn Power Plant has two owners

Vestfold Kraft AS and Skiensfjordens kommunale kraftselskap AS, which merged in 2001 to Skagerak Energi AS, had an ownership share of 40% each when the power plant was built. The remaining 20% is owned by Storbrofoss Kraftanlegg DA, which in turn is owned by Oppland Energi AS and Sør-Aurdal municipality.