The generator is equipped with a Francis turbine and can be used in four different ways. It can produce power or pump with an RPM of 500 and 375, respectively.

The power station is located in the same area as Folgefonna National Park, and much of the inflow comes from this glacier. The water system is structured as a drainpipe system, where water is utilised from many reservoirs and collected in a single head race tunnel.

The regulation area comprises the northern and northwestern side of Folgefonna in the municipalities of Kvinnherad, Jondal and Ullensvang. Juklavatn lake is regulated between 1,060 and 950 metres above sea level, while Dravladalsvatn lake is regulated between 957 and 880 metres above sea level. Juklavatn lake can be regulated between 1,083 and 950 metres above sea level. The power plant has a gross fall and pumping height of 230 metres.

After production at Jukla, the water is conveyed on to the intake reservoirs Svartedalsvatn and Mysevatn for Mauranger Power Plant. Jukla can also pump water from Svartedalsvatn and Mysevatn to reservoirs located further up the system.

The power station started production in 1974 with an installed output of 40 MW.

Owners: Statkraft 85%, Skagerak Kraft AS 15%.