Hogstad Power Plant was originally built and commissioned by Trescow in 1912. The power plant was refurbished in 1993 with one new generator. A small generator has later been installed with an output of 0.6 MW, in addition to the original 9.0 MW generator, and produces power from the stipulated minimum flow past Hogstad Power Plant. The minimum flow can be seen by the public on a lit display outside the station, so that everyone can see the water quantities running through the little generator at any given time.

Both generators are equipped with Francis turbines. The waterfall height is 136 metres, and the flow rate is 8m3/s.

After the production process at Hogstad Power Station, the water is conveyed onwards towards Siljan town centre to Sagfossen Power Plant further down the Siljan watercourse.

Owner: Skagerak Kraft, 100%.