Tisleifjord Power Plant produces additional energy in an old power plant dam

The power plant utilises the flow from Tisleifjord dam to the Tisleia river. Tisleifjorden is the main reservoir for Åbjøra Power Plant. Tisleifjord Power Plant is integrated in the dam construction and utilises the height difference of the water levels above and below the dam. The plant produces power when water is drained from the reservoir to be used in Åbjøra Power Plant. The power plant has close to 270 production days per year.
In this way, Tisleifjord Power Plant is part of the river’s regulation and is, along with drainage hatches, part of the total drainage from the dam. The station is remote operated.

Tube turbine

The power plant contains a 1.95 MW tube turbine. A tube turbine is basically a horizontal Kaplan turbine. It is used with low fall heights. The tube turbine takes less space than a Kaplan turbine.

Owner: Skagerak Kraft AS, 100%