The power plant was commissioned in 1959 and utilises the waterfall height between Kovvatn and Breivatn lakes. Mydalen Power Plant is different from most other power plants in the sense that the water downstream of the power station is not visible. The service water is conveyed on to Breivatn through pipes, without being exposed first. Because of this, Mydalen Power Plant looks just like any other building from the outside.

The station serves as a connector between the multi-year reservoir Vindsjåen via Kovatn and Breivatn, which supplies Hjartdøla Power Station with water. The service water from Mydalen is conveyed through the same tunnel as water from the Bonsvatn reservoir.

Mydalen Power Plant has a Francis turbine and is operated in coordination with Hjartdøla Power Plant.

The power plant was refurbished in 2015 with a new turbine and renewal of other equipment.

Owner: Skagerak Kraft, 100%.