The power plant was commissioned in 1981 and utilises a 68-metre waterfall from Suldalsvatnet lake to sea level in the Hylsfjord. Architect Egil Sorteberg designed Hylen Power Plant’s machine hall.

Suldalsvatnet lake can be regulated within a level difference of 1.5 metres. Suldalsvatnet receives water from Kvilldal Power Plant, and a separate spillway to Hylen Power Plant has been created to ensure drainage in the event of the power plant stopping or for any refurbishment works. Two Francis turbines are installed.

Hylen Power Plant is one of Statskraft’s facilities that has been assessed as worthy of conservation. For this reason, the portal building has been proposed to be listed. Several of the power plant’s machine rooms inside the mountain are also included in the listing plan.

Owners: Statkraft 79.6%, Lyse 13.6%, Skagerak Kraft AS 1.5%, Agder Energi AS 6%.