Construction of the power plant Uvdal 2 was begun in 1963 and it was commissioned in autumn 1966. The power plant is located in the mountainside and utilises a 196-metre waterfall between the Fønnebøfjord in Uvdal and the Norefjord below the town of Rødberg.
Two vertical generators with Francis turbines can process up to 24 cubic metres of water per second. The plant, located inside a mountain, has a total output of 41 MW. The water for Uvdal 2 comes mainly from Uvdal 1, and the total catchment area for these two power stations comprises approx. 700 square kilometres. Before Uvdal 2, there is an unregulated area measuring 370 square kilometres.

Owners: Skagerak Kraft AS 90%, E-Co Energi AS 10%.