The construction of the power plant was started in summer 2012, and on 10 October 2014, it was officially opened by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tord Lien.

The power plant utilises an existing transfer tunnel between Sarvsfoss waterfall and Botsvatn lake. A new dam has been built in Sarvsjuvet in Bykle, and a comprehensive tunnel system collects and transfers water from a large area. The waterfall height is 80 metres. Two vertical 12.3 MW Francis turbines are installed.

The power plant was built as part of the regulation facility Brokke Nord og Sør. The development increased the power production from Brokke Power Plant by 101 GWh, and 4 GWh in Hekni, in addition to 69 GWh in Skarg.

Owner: Otra Kraft DA (Skagerak Kraft AS 31.4%, Agder Energi AS 68.6%).