The intake reservoir for Åna-Sira Power Plant is Lundevatn lake. From the reservoir, a 1,500-metre long head race tunnel has been blasted out leading to a distribution basin. From there, three separate shafts leading down to the power station have been blasted in the mountain.

When the power plant was opened in 1971, two generators were installed. As part of the sixth stage of the Sira-Kvina development, a third generator was commissioned in 1989. The power plant has an installed output of 150 MW.
All three generators have Francis turbines.

All the water that has produced power through the other power plants further up the Sira and Kvina watercourse, as well as the inflow downstream of Tonstad Power Plant, pass through Åna-Sira Power Plant’s three turbines and flow out into the ocean. At full production, 390 cubic metres of water pass through the turbines every second. Due to this large amount of water, the power plant can produce as much as 602 GWh per year, even though the height of the waterfall is just 48 metres.

Owners: Lyse Produksjon AS 41.1%, Statkraft 32.1%, Skagerak Kraft AS 14.6%, Agder Energi AS 12.2%.