The old Dalsfos power plant is listed

The power plant is located just downstream of the regulation dam and was built at the same time as the dam in the construction period from 1902 to 1906. Besides the actual regulation dam, the facility consists of upper intake hatches (five wooden sliding hatches), an approx. 100-metre long tunnel, a lower intake basin with a fine trash rack, three intake hatches, and three pressure shafts (d= 2.5m) with a throttle valve in front of the turbines. The power plant building has been virtually unchanged since 1907, aside from some technical renovations in 1957-1958 carried out when two of the turbines were replaced. The third turbine from 1907 is still in use. All the turbines are Francis turbines.

The exterior of the building was refurbished in 2004 and 2005. The NVE has selected the facility as worthy of conservation, and it is included in a book on a selection of 100 power plants in Norway.

New power plant planned

Skagerak Kraft plans to build a new power plant at Dalsfos, which will be less visible in the terrain and will have better efficiency and a higher power production output.

Ownership: Dalsfos Power Plant is wholly owned by Skagerak Kraft.