Toklev Power Plant uses the waterfall between the lakes Sporevann and Vanebuvann. The power plant was refurbished in 2007. The new generators with a Francis turbine replaced two generators that had been at the station since 1921. The flow rate of Toklev is 7.5 m3/s.

The development of the Siljan watercourse was based on a private initiative. Treschow-Fritzøe of Larvik, represented by landowner F.M. Treschow, had seen the great advantages of building a power plant in the watercourse. The power production fit well with the business activity located at the outlet of the watercourse.

In 1911, a decision was made by F.M. Treschow to develop the Siljan watercourse. This development was one of the reasons Vestfold Kraft was founded in 1920.

Owner: Skagerak Kraft AS, 100%