Eidet Power Plant uses the Møllefossen waterfall by Skien Aktiemølle mill, between Hjellevannet lake and Skien’s main harbour. The waterfall is 5 metres long, and the power plant uses about 25% of the river’s total water flow through Skien. The remaining 75% is used by Klosterfoss Power Plant located south of the island Klosterøya, and owned by Akershus Energi.

Eidet Power Plant was commissioned in 1960 and consists of three generators that have had different owners up to 2018. Skagerak Kraft owned one of the generators, and purchased the two others (Eidet I and Eidet II) in January 2018.
Two of the generators have Francis turbines and one has a Kaplan turbine. The Francis turbines are somewhat of a curiosity, with four Francis runners openly mounted on a horizontal shaft. The bearings are made of lignum vitae wood.

Ownership. Skagerak Kraft AS: 100%