Hjartdøla Power Plant is clearly visible from the E134 road by Gvammen in Hjartal municipality. The power plant is located 500 metres into the mountainside and begun operations in 1958. It utilises a 555-metre waterfall between Breivatn and Hjartsjåvatnet lakes.

Water is conveyed from Skesvatnet and Heiåi to Breivatn (via Bjordalen Power Plant), from Kovvatnet and Vindsjåen (via Mydalen Power Plant), as well as from Bonsvatnet and the upper part of Gausdøla.
Bonsvatnet lake is regulated between 754 and 740 metres above sea level, and Vindsjåen between 971 and 956 metres above sea level.

Between 2002 and 2012, a major revision and refurbishment was carried out of the entire station, including upgrading of both generators. Hjartdøla Power Plant has two 60 MW Pelton turbines.

Owner: Skagerak Kraft AS, 100%.