The power plant is a reservoir power plant that utilises the waterfalls between the lakes Vatnedalsvatn, Urevatn and Botsvatn in Bykle municipality. According to the NVE’s definition of a power plant, the Holen facility is defined as two power plants: Holen 1 and 2, and Holen 3 as separate power plants. We have chosen to present the Holen facility in a single article on our website.  

The first two generators were commissioned in 1981 and use water from the Vatnedal reservoir as well as six tributaries and streams that flow into the headrace tunnel. The third generator was commissioned in 1986 and uses water from the lakes Urevatn, Reinevatn and Skarjesvatn.

All three generators have Francis turbines. The waterfall height for generators 1 and 2 is 316 metres, while the waterfall height for generator 3 is 651 metres.

Owner: Otra Kraft DA (Skagerak Kraft AS 31.4%, Agder Energi AS 68.6%).