Skagerak Kraft has sent a preliminary notice for Sauland Power Plant to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). With this preliminary notice, Skagerak is taking the development plans for Hjartdal yet another step further. In the notice, a proposal has been prepared for the impact assessment programme, but it will also be possible for others to give their input as to what should be assessed, according to Energy Director Finn Werner Bekken.

‘It is the authorities, represented by the NVE, who will decide how the case progresses from this point onward. What normally happens is that the preliminary notice is presented for public consultation. During the course of the consultation, the NVE will arrange a general meeting at which we provide information about our plans. The purpose of this consultation is to determine an impact assessment programme which we will be committed carrying out before we can apply for the licence.’

Seeking a thorough process

To reach as many as possible of those affected, Skagerak has created a brochure to present the development plans, which will, among other things, be distributed to all households in Hjartdal. Bekken invites the local residents to be active, and encourages them to give their input during the upcoming consultation.

‘I understand that there may be differing opinions about our development plans. What is important to us is that we have a thorough process in which all affected parties are involved. Our goal is to cast light on all pros and cons in a proper manner,’ he emphasises.

According to the plans, Sauland Power Plant will deliver around 215 GWh, equivalent to the power consumption of over 10,000 households per year.

‘We believe we have a good project, and that Sauland Power Plant will provide a lot of electrical power with relatively low impact,’ says Bekken.

Will submit licence application next year

When all the impact assessments have been carried out, Skagerak will apply for a licence for Sauland Power Plant. Bekken expects this process to commence within about a year. The licence application will be considered by the NVE, which will prepare a recommendation to present to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. If the licence is granted, development may begin in 2010. In that case, the power plant will be in full operation from the spring of 2013.

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