Awaiting reply concerning licence

Sauland kraftverk AS has begun a preliminary project in connection with the power plant development project that is currently under consideration by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

'We are starting work on the detailed planning so the power plant can be completed and commissioned by the end of 2020. This is the deadline the authorities have set for new power projects to qualify for green electricity certificates,' says Managing Director Bjarte Guddal.

On-site inspections and technical investigations

Guddal explains that the work on the preliminary project will result in some activity at Sauland in the time ahead.

The detailed planning includes the choice of technical solutions for the power plant, intakes and other infrastructure. In connection with this, we need for instance to carry out on-site inspections and technical investigations of the area,’ he says.

Large, complex project

The licence application for Sauland Power Plant was sent to the NVE in the autumn of 2009, but it has not yet issued its recommendation. Chair of the board Finn Werner Bekken admits they are taking a bit of a risk by starting the detailed planning before the licence is in place.

'It is a risk, but we have such strong faith in Sauland Power Plant that we are willing to go ahead and start the work. It is important to the project’s finances that it fulfils the requirements for green electricity certificates. With a project as large and complex as Sauland, time is of the essence if we are to finish by 2020,' he says.

Enough for 11,000 households

According to plans, Sauland Power Plant will be capable of producing 220 GWh of renewable energy when it is completed, equivalent to the consumption of 11,000 households. The cost of the power plant is tentatively estimated to be NOK 982 million. The owner company Sauland kraftverk AS is owned by Skagerak Kraft (67%), Notodden Energi (16.2%), Hjartdal Municipality (14.35%) and local landowners (2.45%).