On Thursday 14 March 2013, the three largest waterfall owners in Vinda, Øystre Slidre municipality, Clemens Kraft and Skagerak Kraft, entered into a partnership agreement about a future power plant in the watercourse.

The partnership will include all the work necessary to provide the parties with a sufficient basis for a final investment decision. After this, the plan is that the current agreement will be succeeded by an agreement concerning development and operation of the power plant.

Cooperation via a steering group

A steering group has been established, consisting of representatives from the various companies. A project group has also been established in Skagerak Kraft, which will have the practical responsibility for the work included in the partnership agreement.

'Vinda Power Plant looks to be a good project that will give a significant amount of new, renewable energy with a limited harmful impact on society and the environment. We are very grateful for the cooperativeness of the municipality and Clemens Kraft,' says Director Finn Werner Bekken of Skagerak Kraft.

Proactive municipality

Øystre Slidre municipality welcomes the plans.

'In Øystre Slidre, we think proactively and seize the opportunities that arise. Vinda Power Plant is an opportunity for value creation and more jobs in the municipality,' says mayor Kjell Berge Melbybråten.

Clemens Kraft, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian Church Endowment, also looks forward to the partnership.

'Clemens Kraft produces renewable energy on a small scale, and Vinda is a relatively large project in this context. With the municipality and Skagerak as partners, we believe this will be a very good project,' says Managing Director Ronny Solberg.

Open meeting on 3 April

In early March, a preliminary notice about the project was submitted to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). This contains preliminary information about the project and will serve to give the authorities a basis for determining an impact assessment programme.

The NVE will hold an open meeting on 3 April 2013 in connection with this, where project representatives will provide information about the plans. The NVE will announce the final venue and time of this meeting in the daily press.

Skagerak the largest waterfall owner

According to tentative estimates, Skagerak Kraft is the largest owner of fall rights, with 65 per cent. This is followed by Clemens Kraft with 17 per cent and Øystre Slidre municipality with 16 per cent. Two per cent belong to private landowners.