Privacy and Cookies

When you visit our website, your web browser will download cookies. These are small text files that are exchanged between your device and our website, which are used in order for the website to work optimally. See an overview below of the cookies used by our website.

As an internet user, you may choose to deny storage and use of cookies. We recommend the Norwegian Communications Authority’s website for a description of how you can accept or deny cookies.

Https and secure transfer

Our website is covered by https encryption. If you want to make sure a page is encrypted, check that it says https instead of just http in the address field of the web browser. Most web browsers will also display a padlock.

The purpose of the encryption is to ensure safe data communication between the server (our website) and the client (your computer). This includes a digital certificate to prove that the website and its sender are genuine.

Website cookies

Our website publishing tool is delivered by CoreTrek AS, which is also responsible for its technical development, operation and maintenance. These are cookies that CoreTrek uses on our website:

  • In order for the publishing solution to work: the cookie CorePublishSession. This cookie is removed from the computer when you close the web browser.
  • To identify the type of device and web browser you are using: the cookie Ctdevicecachekey. This cookie has a duration of one week and makes it possible for our website to present content for the correct type of device (PC, mobile phone, tablet etc.).


We have included buttons for forwarding articles via email and sharing articles in social media. E-mail addresses used to forward articles are not logged. Any further handling of data shared in social media is regulated by your agreement with the relevant online community.

Statistics and log

When you read our website, information will be saved in the statistics and log files.

The system saves user agent, IP address, and the page visited by the user in a raw data table. This information is then used to generate statistics for the number of page views per object (menu point, article, file) per host and per search word. All data in the raw data table is deleted after two days, and the remaining statistics will then only include summarised data that cannot be used to identify a particular user.

We save user agent, IP address, and the page visited by the user in the web server’s logs. These logs are used exclusively to work on troubleshooting and security, and no data is extracted or used from these logs. The logs are deleted after a given interval (normally four weeks). Only web server administrators (operators) have access to these.