Facts New Dalsfos

Place: Dalsfoss i Kragerø Municipality, Telemark
Production: 38,5 GWh/year, 8 GWh higher production than today
Waterfall: 20 m
Inflow tunnel: 175 m
Cost: NOK 140 millions


Skagerak Kraft will invest NOK 140 million in a new power plant at Dalsfoss. The station is being built on the other side of the river than the existing power plant. The water will be directed to the station through a tunnel from the Toke intake.

Increases the production with 20 percent

- It is high time to get a new power station at Dalsfoss. The old station is over 110 years old, so something needs to be done, says Geir Kulås, Executive Vice President of Skagerak Kraft.

The Board of Directors of Skagerak Energi has decided to invest in a new power plant. New Dalsfos power station will have a production of 38.5 GWh. This is an increase of about 8 GWh from today's production. The total production at the new power plant corresponds to the consumption of approximately 2000 households.


Water level as usual

Just over the New Year, the contractor starts the rig at Dalsfoss. From the beginning of March to the end of May, a roughly 200 meter long tunnel will be operated from Farsjø and up to Toke. At Farsjø, the new station in the mountain intersection becomes between a ruptured outlet channel and the tunnel. Kulås says that the water level in Toke will not be significantly affected by the work.

- When we rebuilt the dam at Dalsfoss a few years back, we also prepared a new power plant by building a beam fence in front of the planned tunnel intake. This allows us to start the work without lowering the water level in Toke.

Finished in two years

The construction of the power plant will last for about two years, and Nye Dalsfos is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. Then the old power station will be closed down, but the power station building will be preserved.

- Since the station is proposed to be listed, we will shut down the station, but keep the building in line with the conservation proposal.

The eel that migrates in the watercourse will also be taken care of.

- We are going to build a facility that ensures safe migration of the eel past the new power plant. Like today, we will continue to transport eel down to the sea to release it there, says Kulås.